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Camp Enchantment, or Camp E, is a week long camp for children who have or had cancer. Camp is what all of the counselors, staff and campers dream about all year long. For the campers it is a place where they can be who they really are. They can be kids. Our staff is made of predominantly volunteers from all over the United States.


Jonathan Maple
Counselor and Program Director

Jonathan first came to Camp Enchantment with his brother Brian. Jonathan was 14 and Brian was 11. In the middle of all of his brother’s treatments and bone marrow transplant, they were able to attend Camp Enchantment together. The energy at camp, the counselors and the careful planning of the medical staff all intertwined to create an environment where they could go back to doing all of the fun things they used to be able to do. For that one week he got his brother back. The memories he made have, to this day, served as a beacon and guide for his heart. He met his wife at Camp Enchantment and has already introduced his son to it. He feels privileged to be a part of Camp and will continue to dedicate himself and pay it forward to these campers and their families.

Deyla Curtis

 Deyla has been coming to camp since she was 8 years old (so fifteen years!!!). She will be leaving for graduate school and the London School of economics this fall. Deyla loves Camp E and hopes all of the kids will go through the CIT program and become a counselor, just like she did! She LOVES Camp E!

Meghan Maes

Meghan is a 20 year liver cancer survivor. She was first introduced to Camp Enchantment when she was 8 years old. She had never met any other kid with cancer and she had always felt very alone until she came to camp. She has made life long friends at camp. She has attended camp for 10 years as a camper, 2 years as a counselor in training, and she will be returning as a second year counselor this year. Some people measure their lives in years, months, or moments, but she measures her life by the week of Camp Enchantment.

Ruth Wang

This is Ruth's third year at camp as a counselor. She loves coming to Camp Enchantment because it is such a blast! She says it is hard to come up with one favorite thing about Camp because there is so much to enjoy. She loves the arts and crafts room, as well as the fishing pond. However, spending time with the amazing campers is what always puts her in a great mood. She is so excited for all of the great memories she will make this summer!

Stevie Neill

This will be Stevie's third year at Camp Enchantment, and camp has completely captured her heart! Through out the year it's all she thinks about, and she is so excited that it is finally here! The relationships built at camp and the memories made are unlike any other. She is positive that she receive more out of the camp than any of the children do, and She prays that she can be a role model and best friend to every child here! They are all so beautiful, and inspire her more than words can explain. Outside of camp, she just finished my second year of college, and is majoring in Criminal Justice. She works at Pet Vet, and gets to spend her day with dogs and cats, so it doesn't really seem like work to her! She has many passions and ambitions, but one of the greatest is definitely Camp Enchantment! She is  honored to spend the week with all of your children!

Nick Gannon

Nick has been a counselor at Camp Enchantment for the past few summers. One of the things that he most love about camp is the close relationships people build. Within a matter of days you will feel that you have known staff and campers for years! This year, he is looking forward to the dance. He likes the suspense that builds over the week. It is really fun to watch everyone get dressed up, have their hair and nails done (both dudes and gals), get tattoos, and all the cool costumes that people think of! Between fishing, geocaching, hot air balloons, rock climbing, zumba, archery, swimming, high ropes, CIT games, arts & crafts, or the many other activities it is impossible for him to choose his favorite! It is undoubtedly one amazing week with amazing people! Outside of Camp  he loves to be outdoors, camp, hike, and road and mountain bike throughout New Mexico. He also attends UNM where he is studying biochemistry.

Morgan Duran

This is Morgan's fourth year being a counselor at Camp. She would not miss camp for anything. She graduated in 2011 from UNM with her BA in Psychology. Camp has inspired her to go back to school for nursing. She wants to be a Pediatric Oncology Nurse. Camp has completely changed her life. Her favorite thing about camp is seeing all of the kids just be kids and enjoy themselves. It is the best week of her year!

Tito Estrada

Tito is a cancer survivor. He has been to camp for about eight years. He went through the CIT program and is now going to be a first year counselor this year. Tito is passionate about his family and he lives with his mom, dad and his three sisters.

Thomas Barr

Thomas has been a camp counselor for the past two years. He is very excited and cant wait to experience his third year. He is a graduate student at UNM and works in finance. New Mexico has been his home his entire life and he loves it here. He is also the proud father of handsome 1.5 year old boy, and it has changed his life for the better!

Jazmyne Pavioni

Jazmyne is twenty years old and this is her third year at Camp. Her first two years at camp she was a lifeguard, but this year will be her first as a counselor! Camp Enchantment has continually chanced her life for the better. She would not be the same person that she is today without having these amazing experiences at Camp. She is not currently going to school and she is not yet sure of what she wants to do with her life. However, the one thing she does know is that she will return to camp as long as she can and continue to give back.

Sean O'Neill

This is Sean's third year as a Camp counselor. He is a senior at UNM studying biology. His favorite parts about Camp are the high ropes, the flying squirrel, the carnival and the dance. He came to camp for the campers with hopes of showing them an amazing week. He says that the campers inspire him to be the best version of himself.

Matthew Erickson

This is Matthew's fourth year at Camp Enchantment and his second as a counselor. Matt started as a camper and went through the CIT Program. The year he came as a camper he realized that it was such a great experience that he had to keep coming back and sharing in the fun.

Kyle Stepp

Kyle started going to Camp Enchantment five years ago in the midst of my battle with cancer. Camp E was one week out of the year, where he did not have to worry about getting prodded with needles, pumped full of chemotherapy, or spend nights on end in the hospital. Camp Enchantment gave me the opportunity to just be a kid and bond with others who understood what he was going through. Over the years as a camper and CIT, he has built relationships with fellow campers, counselors, and staff that are unforgettable. Being my first year as a camp counselor, he is excited to be apart of the team that makes this magical experience happen for the kids.
Camp Enchantment will always have a special place in his heart and he hopes that he can make a positive impact in each child’s life as much as they do in his. He is currently a sophomore at the University of New Mexico studying Strategic Communications and Organizational Leadership and plans to become a fundraising consultant for non-profits across the nation. 

Cait Winter

Alex Fleetwood

This is Alex's fourth year at Camp Enchantment. She is a senior at New Mexico State University. Camp is the best thing that anybody could do, and it means so much to her every year. She loves coming back every year, it's what she looks forward to the entire year!

Melanie Thomas

Melanie is 27, currently teaching Zumba at UNM and working as the Director of Operations of Womens soccer at UNM as well. This will be her third year at camp. She has been the outdoor cooking instructor at camp as well as a filler of needs. She loves to help out with whatever she can for the kids of this camp. She is going to be a counselor this year at camp. Every year she makes her memorial weekend plans around camp E and love every minute. Soccer is her passion and working with people, whether it be people or children and will continue to do that as long as  she can.

Nate Ritz

Nate's favorite part of camp is the whole thing!  It’s awesome being able to hang out with some of the best people in the world.  You never know when or at what part of camp you’ll experience something truly magical and inspiring, but it always happens.  Camp Enchantment supplies him with enough smiles for the year and helps him remember what’s important in life.  It has also helped point him in the direction of and realize the necessity of biomedical research and the role that he can play in improving longevity and quality of life.

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