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Camp Enchantment, or Camp E, is a week long camp for children who have or had cancer. Camp is what all of the counselors, staff and campers dream about all year long. For the campers it is a place where they can be who they really are. They can be kids. Our staff is made of predominantly volunteers from all over the United States.


Hayley Aragon-Bell

This will be Hayley's first year at camp! She is so excited for the week! She wanted to be part of camp for the amazing experiences she knows she will have and all of the wonderful kids and counselors she wil meet! She loves to volunteer and plans to come back for many years to come!

Jane Sheraden

This will be Jane's second year being a CIT at Camp Enchantment. camp is the one week out of the year that makes her giddy with excitement! She is a senior in high school and this camp along with the kids and staff have inspired her to become a Pediatric Nurse. She plans to start classes next year. She says there is no way to describe the incredible atmosphere at camp, one must experience it. She absolutely loves these kids and this camp!

Tyler Blau

This is Tyler's first year at Camp Enchantment. He is an outgoing person, he loves to be out and about. He enjoys playing sports, and video games. He loves music and he sings and play guitar. He recently graduated from Manzano high school and he wants to become a police officer in the future. He is very excited to be working with camp enchantment this year.

Alyssa Baca

Alyssa has been coming to camp for four years now. This will be her first year as a CIT and she is very excited! Camp Enchantment is such an important part of her life and her summer would feel wrong if she ever missed it. She is a high school student and she would like to major in Geology someday. She is very ready to become a part of the Camp Enchantment experience for all of the campers there.

Stephanie Slimp

Stephanie will be attending camp as a first-year CIT and is a soon-to-be senior at Sandia High School who loves science and student government. Stephanie enjoys playing games and having fun, and she cannot wait to meet all the campers and staff, have tons of fun, and make lots of awesome memories. She is so thrilled to help in any way possible and is so excited to join in on this absolutely awesome week!

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  1. Thank you for posting this - it's great to see what the kids (and counselors are up to!