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New Mexico, United States
Camp Enchantment, or Camp E, is a week long camp for children who have or had cancer. Camp is what all of the counselors, staff and campers dream about all year long. For the campers it is a place where they can be who they really are. They can be kids. Our staff is made of predominantly volunteers from all over the United States.


Helen Pino, director, (right)

Yolanda Vinajeras

Yolanda is the Psychosocial Director at Camp. This is her definition of her role "one who directs and supports, social, emotional and psychological issues at Camp." However, due to the cultivating the perfect Camp Enchantment over the years these concern do not exist. Sooooooo, this means the Psychosocial Director does whatever is necessary to make each camp the best ever.
A.K.A Pediatric Oncology Social Worker at UNM for 26 years!

Tara Maple

 Jay Sheraden
Lead Counselor
Age: 29 for eleven times now
Born in Great Falls, Montana now living in Albuquerque, New Mexico
Married with 2 kids - 17 and 14
This will be my fifth year at Camp Enchantment. During my time at Camp E I have become a member of the All-Star Flying Squirrel Pull Team. I have grabbed the trapeze bar after jumping from the power pole for 3 years running and can do the Cupid Shuffle at the drop of a hat!! When not being one of the oldest kids at Camp E, I enjoy coaching and playing soccer!

Arielle Giddens
Lead Counselor
Arielle is so excited to be coming back to Camp Enchantment for her 7th year! Arielle is from Albuquerque, but currently lives in Denver. She completed her undergraduate degree at UNM and is about to graduate with her Masters of Social Work from the University of Denver. She has two dogs, a cat, and a husband. :) Arielle loves to travel and go on adventures! She also loves all animals and got to play with baby elephants last December! Arielle's favorite parts of camp are the carnival and teen trek. 

Matt H.
CIT Coordinator

Matt has been a CIT Coordinator at Camp Enchantment since 2009. Before that, he has served as a Counselor, Activities Coordinator, and even CIT at camp. To date, only one person has attended camp more years than Matt, but, shhhh...we can't say who that is, or how long either person has been attending.  He says his favoriate thing about camp is the life and excitement everyone brings to the week. Some of Matt's favorite activities at camp are mountain biking, kite building (even if they don't fly), and learning from all the campers.

Carol Williams
This is Carol's fifth year coming to Camp Enchantment with the most wonderful group of young people she have ever met! That includes not only the campers, but the entire staff, as well. She is the Arts & Crafts Instructor, which means she gets to play creatively with the kids all week. She has a 12-year-old grandson, Austin, who was diagnosed with cancer when he was two. Back in Albuquerque, She is a Realtor, a Weight Watchers Leader, and a Grandma . . . not necessarily in that order. She looks forward to Camp Enchantment all year!

Kristin Gentry
Camp Photographer & Zumba Instructor

Kristin Gentry (right)  is a returning Instructor for Camp Enchantment serving a few different roles. Kristin photographs during the week and then creates the yearbook for the campers to take home. Sometimes Kristin teaches Zumba with the kids & staff, and this year she'll be doing our Camp E Cooking.

Her favorite part of camp is being able to cheer on every single camper as the complete activities they didn’t know they could, capture it, and then be able to share the photograph with their families! Camp Enchantment is such a magical time of year where the true importance of life shines.
Like all the staff, Kristin considers herself a camper for life, and knows that Camp E is ALL year long!

Brandyn Padley

Brandyn has been part of Camp Enchantment for twelve years. He is a survivor of brain cancer and first came to Camp as a camper, went through the CIT program and is now part of the support staff. He is currently a college student.

Mike Norris

2013 will be Mike’s first year instructing at Camp Enchantment; he will be leading campers in mountain-biking and fishing activities.  Mike originally hails from Pacific Grove, CA, though his job as a helicopter pilot for the US Coast Guard has kept him on the move for the past several years.  Mike’s work has taken him from Pensacola, Florida to Puerto Rico to San Francisco, CA….he is currently stationed in Mobile, Alabama.In his free time, Mike enjoys swimming, running, and any activity remotely related to bikes.  He hopes to share his love for cycling with the campers while inspiring them to get outside and stay active.A lifelong fisherman, Mike spent his childhood summers on the San Juan River in southern Colorado learning the tricks of the trade from his grandfather, Don Cole.  At Camp Enchantment, Mike will draw upon his experience to teach campers the importance of conservation and respect for wildlife and the outdoors while chasing the biggest fish in the pond!

Cinthya is our certified life guard for camp this summer. She attended Camp E with her brother several years ago, and attends Camp Superstars in the fall. This is her first year as staff at Camp Enchantment. Welcome!!! 

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