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New Mexico, United States
Camp Enchantment, or Camp E, is a week long camp for children who have or had cancer. Camp is what all of the counselors, staff and campers dream about all year long. For the campers it is a place where they can be who they really are. They can be kids. Our staff is made of predominantly volunteers from all over the United States.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Friday at Camp Enchantment New Mexico! DANCE DAY!

One of our last big outdoor activities happens the last full day of camp: the Flying Squirrel! Our teens are safely attached to a very very very large pulley system, hoisted by five counselors and staff, and then they fly through the air like squirrels! A little science and a lot of (safe) high flying fun!!

Our campers look forward to the dance ALL WEEK!!! We had so many creative costumes, lots of wonderful snacks from "Bikini Bottom", activities to do throughout the gym, and lots of fun time dancing with everyone. We had so many wonderful volunteers come out and decorate the dance for us, come do the kids hair and make up, make delicious snacks, and more. For an extra special treat we had the Kona Ice truck come out and visit for sno-cones! The kids had a blast!



Saturday, May 31, 2014

Thursday at Camp Enchantment New Mexico

Our teens finished up their Teen Trek Thursday morning, and the juniors completed the Climbing Tower. We had a full day of classes, and then we had a giant inflatable water slide during our all camp swim time. Thursday evening we had the 2014 Camp Enchantment New Mexico Talent Show followed by our memorial and slide show.